Welcome to বঙ্গীয় কলা বিদ্যালয়

The Bangiya Kala Vidyalaya is established in the year 1979 and registered by the Govt. of West Bengal at Twenty Eight day of August in the tear of 2001. The 1st President was Dr. Rama Ranjan Mukherjee two time vice Chancellor of Rabindra Bharti University. Our Registration is WB S/IL/5114 for the Accounting year 2001-2002. Our organization is runs by the efficient and eminent personalities such as Dr. Pradip Kumar Mukherjee Ex Professor of Calcutta University Dr. Dipak Chatterjee Ex Professor of Rabindra Bharti University Dr. M.C.Paul Ex Professor of Vidyasagar College or S.P. Naskar Ex Professor of Vidyasagar University Dr. B.K. Pathak, Uttarbangio course of Human Resourses. Pandit Sachin Mullick Ex- Artist of Doordarshan & Aakash Bani Kolkata, Pandit Monilal Bhowmick, main partner was Late. V. Valsaram etc.

Our organization is also register and affiliated by Govt. of India Ministry of Culture (Human Resourse) Department our unique Id No. is WB12014/0075602 beside these our organization is also affiliated by Govt. of West Bengal Department of Higher Education also. It is very well known and famous and leading organization in the field of cultural & social activities. Our activities spread out not only West Bengal but also Bihar, Orissa, Assam, Uttarpradesh, Bangladesh, Dubai, Mumbai etc state and provinces. We have fifty five faculties in our organization such as Dance, Drama, Painting, Songs, Folk Culture, Knitting, Beautician, Western Dance, Recitation upto eight year B.T. Training. Now we are given affiliations to the interested persons or centre holders during this year. Interested persons or centre holders are cordially invite to join with our organization for more details discussions please come to our office at 12 noon – 8 PM all working days except Holidays. Our organizations main aim how to preserve and spread out local culture & flock culture in our West Bengal and abroad such as different types of beautiful paintings are lost by our negligency. Our flock culture is almost is ruined condition because those who are in this profession they are live hand to mouth now a days we find and feel their distress condition.


Aims & Objects of the বঙ্গীয় কলা বিদ্যালয়?

Our main objects are given below for our willing centre holders :-
1) We arrange for yearly Examination.
2) Given certificates & Manpartas.
3) To collect & sell the Arts & Crafts to the foreign markets and give financial help to the Artists.
4) To preserve & Reconstruct locational folck lore in the different areas.
5) Given financial help to the old artists.
6) Given training for the interior decoration to the willing personalities.
7) We give free of costs about fabric & buttick printing.
8) Arrange for Teachers Training etc.
9) We are published so many cultural books for helping the students & Teachers.
10) We arrange for affiliation of centres for opening the new centre by our organization.